Richard Welsh

Developer and designer

Customer PCs with screen-lock app
Active DesktopActive Desktop (variation)Customer checkout display
Occupancy reportingTakings reportingTill-system touchscreen UI
Complete cybercafé management system2001–2006
I was the main designer and developer of the “Mices RP” (Retail Platform), a fully integrated cyberfafé management system. The RP was custom-built using a SQL Server back-end database, a till-system desktop application, a custom screen-lock and monitoring application on each customer’s PC, and a web-based management interface made with ColdFusion.
The till-system application communicated directly with each customer’s screen-lock to allow staff to acknowledge and control the cutomers’ internet sessions, recording session times in the database. Additional purchases could be added to any customer’s tab. Away from the shop floor, site staff and managers used a web interface to effect end-of-shift cashing-up, and monitor stock levels and PC usage statistics. Shop accounts were also generated automatically.
Active Desktop was used on customer PCs to provide live, context-sensitive information and prompts to each customer.œ

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